Special Events & Custom Items
These might be for weddings, anniversaries, new homes, graduations,
employee appreciations, religious events, home decorating, retirements, birthday gifts,
and any special occasion you might have. Let your imagination be sparked by these ideas.
You also might check New & Unusual for other ideas.

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Email: mark@coloradostonecrafts.com

Generally speaking, "cameo" size stones are less than 4 inches and they are $15.
Small stones are less than 6" for $27, Medium stones are less 7.5" for $35,
Large stones are less than 9" for $45, XL stones are less than 12" for $55-$75.
Custom graphics may add a little more.

Wedding Stone

Wedding Plaque
in marble

Wedding Flagstone

Forest Scenes in Tile

Anniversary Bench

Appreciation Gifts

Coaster Set w/
solid oak holder

Coasters in

Class Gift
to school

Retirement Gift
with cut base

A few of over
200 Tee markers

Birth Stone in
Polished Tile

Elvis on
Slate tile

New Mason Lodge


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please email or call us in Windsor at 970-567-2500

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