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Proposal for a Stone Engraving Business

Here’s the deal. I am proposing a business idea that will include all the knowledge and know-how that I can provide regarding engraving stone and other hard materials. This information is written in an exhaustive manual with at least 16 chapters (currently over 120 pages). The chapter titles are:

My Story - How I became a Lapidarian
Basic Geology
Raw Materials
Consumable Materials
Step by Step (instructions with pictures)
Business Fundamentals
Products and Customers
Tips and Techniques
The Internet
Appendix Items

Web Introduction
The Proposal

I will also provide a CD with related files and graphics, along with paper copies in a separate notebook. I will also include a kit with everything you need (over a dozen materials and tools) to make your first engraved stones and there will be some samples of partially finished stones. This way, if you can gain access to someone else’s equipment, you can make a few stones before you invest money in your own equipment.

Furthermore, here is a bullet list of key details you will learn from the entire package. Without these key details, engraving stone would be impossible.

• The kinds of Equipment needed to engrave stone, with minimum specifacations.
• The kinds of Tools you need to work with stone.
• Suppliers for these Tools and Equipment, including company contacts and phone numbers.
• The Consumable Materials required to engrave stone and where to get them. (Hint: it's not Walmart.)
• The knowledge and science behind how stone engraving works.
• Step by step procedures with pictures.

With the knowledge and know-how listed above, most people would be able to start their own stone engraving business, but I will also include:

• A list of products in 12 different categories that you can manufacture.
• Different markets where these engraved stone products can be sold and how to contact these customers.
• Methods of marketing and advertising that have worked and not worked for my business.
• Descriptions of different levels of involvement, from a home-based garage business to a full-service stone engraving company.
• Tips that I’ve developed that make the process of engraving stone simpler and less time intensive. You’ll be surprised at just how little time it takes.
• Printed versions of business forms, font sheets, and artwork, though you are free to modify them or not use them at all.
• The materials you’ll need to create your first stones, plus samples of stones partially done.
• Permission to use my copyrighted artwork. This alone is worth hundreds of dollars.
• A CD with all the related files, including digitized artwork. This is a huge time saver, as I’ve spent thousands of hours digitizing artwork.

The Price

The best thing about this business is that the monetary risk is low, very low compared to a franchise. The cost for the entire package listed above is only $2,500 and there are no monthly royalty or advertising fees afterward. Should you decide to start your own business engraving stone, you will need to invest at least another $4,500 or so in equipment if you were to buy new, industrial grade machinery as I did.

So basically, everything I’ve learned since 2002 will be included in the manual and starter kit. But you are free to accept or reject any or all of this information. This predicates my disclaimer that neither the information on this web site nor anything in this package can guarantee success as you define it. I am not responsible for the decisions you make, which products you decide to manufacture or how you market your business. I will share all of my successes and failures in regards to my business, in hopes that my experience will be good information for you to learn from. But the freedom and choices to start and build your business belong to you. You are completely free and not bound by me in any way. I can only share the knowledge and experience I have. After that, it’s up to you.

Self Reflection

A few final notes: Before you pull the trigger on this, you need to do some self-reflection and understand three or four basic things very well.

1) THIS IS REAL: As I’ve stated before, this is not a lottery ticket by any measure. This is a real business that requires the purchase of some knowledge, tools, equipment and raw materials in order to manufacture products. ARE YOU READY FOR THAT? Imagine yourself loading up rocks, cleaning them up, learning how to do some graphics on the computer, making stencils, getting dirty sometimes, finding some customers, the whole thing. See, you actually have to do the work. The basic principal behind any business is this: a producer (that’s you) and the consumer must come together to exchange money for goods and/or services. I have many ideas and much experience to share, but you have to make it happen. CAN you make it happen?


2) Whatever your situation is, do some self-reflection on owning a business, on being an entrepreneur. People often romanticize the best parts of having their own business, but ignore the worst. They like to imagine being their own boss, having other people work for them, taking breaks and vacations whenever they want, not being told what to do, etc. This definitely is part of being a business owner, but the other side is also true.

THERE IS A LOT OF RESPONSIBILITY: Your new boss is your customer. Whether selling wholesale or retail, you will be dealing with the public. They call sometimes at the worst times, they put deadlines on you, sometimes they nag, “Where’s my rock?” You may find there is nothing you can do to satisfy some customers, yet they’re asking you for the moon. If you don’t like dealing with people, you may want to reconsider, or hire someone who is comfortable with people, or find just a few big wholesale customers so you can minimize your contact with the general public.

YOU'RE THE BOSS: The other thing is this, if something goes wrong, it’s up to you to make it better. If an old piece of equipment breaks, or you lose an order, or a mistake is made on a product, or you suddenly run out of paint, or you need to order more materials ASAP or make a special delivery to please a’s all on you. There’s a hundred things that might come up and you’re the man or woman who has to find the solutions. Does that put a lot of pressure on you? Yes, sometimes it does. So ask yourself...

• How do you handle pressure? Do you freeze? Fall apart? Or just get to it?
• Are you comfortable talking to people?
• Do you really have the desire and ambition to own a business?
• Is your family vested in this idea?
• Can you handle people saying unkind things or making unreasonable demands?
• Are you organized enough to stay on top of the orders, the bills and the red tape?
• If your business gets big, can you handle the pressure of big orders and employees?

Carefully consider these questions. You’re about to make a significant investment in a business idea and yourself. Don’t make it in haste.


3) The final thing you must confirm is, DO YOU HAVE ROCKS? Don’t purchase this business idea if you don’t have access to rocks or other hard materials you want to engrave. Do some scouting around. Visit local businesses that sell rocks and landscaping materials. You have seen some of the products on my web site. Imagine these and other product ideas of your own as you scout around for rocks. Ask yourself, “What can I make with that material?” “Would this product be something people need or want?” If you can answer in the affirmative, then you have a good start.


If you can confirm that you have a supply of rocks (or other materials) to engrave and if you’re willing to work at this business and you’ve decided you can take on the responsibilities of being the boss, then you are ready to take the next step. If and when you call or email, I will ask you some of these questions until I’m convinced you have made an informed decision. I’m ready to help you get started with this rewarding business if you decide it would be a good fit for you. Email or call 970-567-2500. I look forward to hearing from you.

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