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The latest new product we're excited about is using engraved tiles as picture frames to document a place you've been, your family, your wedding, a great time with friends, or we can customize it with a funny saying or bits of widsom, whatever you want. The tiles can be made of stone, ceramic, or porcelin. Just blow up your picture to the desired size and use spray glue to attach it to the tile.

Tile Frame

Tile Frame

Tile Frame
Love & Weddings

Tile Frame

Tile Frame

Other items shown here are just unusual projects I've done that might give people some ideas.

Coaster Set
w/ oak holder

Wall decor in
Stone Tiles

A new take on
birth stones

Large Tile
set in cement

A Personal

"I Love You"
in braille

Sun Dial in
Ft. Collins Park

An Outdoor
Pizza Oven

Long poem in
stone tabletop

New Building

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