Name Markers
The final touch on your landscaping or
the best gift you'll ever give (our receive).

Phone: 970-567-2500

Smaller flagstones are generally 14" to 20" wide and go for $95 - $150.
Larger flagstones are generally 20" to 26" wide and go for $150 - $250.
Lg River Rocks (10" - 12" dia) with graphics go for $50-$75

Dixon w/
Mountain Lion

Cheshire w/
Mountain Scene

3 Different
Mountain Scenes

Drudge w/ Train

Connolly w/
brown bison

Si, Espaniol podemos
or any language

Brogan w/
custom car

Griffin w/
his hotrod

Put your lifestyle
on your stone

Anderson on
green slate

Names on
River Rocks

More names on
River Rock

She likes Golf
He likes Cattle

We can engrave
fancy fonts too

Taken to

Vaux is a
Softball Family

Gonsior w/
Aspen Tree

Janssen w/
Big Tractor

Turner w/
Elk in grass

Johnson w/
Hops and Barley

Bar sign
is good fun

Keeney w/
Faith Statement

Welcome sign
with color

Granite stone
ground down

Welcome Stone
w/ horses

For questions, requests, or concerns....
please email or call us in Windsor at 970-567-2500

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