The BIG Stuff
YES! We have portable equipment for engraving stone on-site.

Phone: 970-567-2500

"Big" simply means too big for me to pick up with my hands, say 120 pounds or more.
Therefore, I load up portable equipment to engrave your stone at your location. I've been
known to travel as far as Western Nebraska, Southern WY, all of Colorado, even as far as Waldon and,
Durango. So don't let distance be a deterrent. Free price quotes are provided via email for each project.
All I need is a picture of the stone and its dimensions. There is a minimum $200 charge for any
on-site engraving. Otherwise, engraving is charged at $8 per verticle inch per letter up to 7" tall.
Bigger letters will cost more and graphics/logos are an additional cost.
Below are some of the Neighborhood signs, Business signs, Ranch & Home markers I've done.

Subdivision Sign
North Ft. Collins

Subdivision Sign
in the mountains

Neighborhood Sign

Subdivision Sign
North Ft. Collins

Business Sign
Walden, CO

1 of 4 signs in
Monument, CO

Respite Care
Ft. Collins

Apartment Sign
Estes Park

Ranch Sign
North Ft. Collins

Business Sign
Walden, CO

Sports Center
Fort Collins

New facility
for RiteCorp

Church Sign

Church Sign

Archery studio
in Boulder

Park Dedication
Installed Sidney, NE

Equestrian Center
in West Loveland

Oregon Trail
Cemetary in WY

Hotel sign
Installed in NE

Event Center
Estes Park

Hole Markers in
Saratoga, WY

One of Many signs
Old Baldy Club, WY

Gardens at Spring
Creek, Ft. Collins

Entrance to
Learning Center

Park Sign in
Fort Collins

Glacier Meadows

Name & Address
West of Denver

Reversed Address Marker

Ranch sign w/
custom art replica

Address Marker

For questions, requests, or concerns....
please email or call us in Windsor at 970-567-2500

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