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Since 2002 Colorado Stonecrafts has established itself as a quality stone engraver serving Northern Colorado. We can engrave most hard materials including granite, sandstone, cement, bricks, tiles, and more. We serve most retail and commercial needs, and our garden stones are featured at Bath Garden Center in Fort Collins. Give us a call for all your engraving needs.

Flagstone Name & Address Markers
The final touch on your landscaping or...
one of the best gifts you'll ever give (or receive).

INFO & PRICING: Stones are generally 14" to 24" wide and run $150 - $250.

Address Numbers
New Construction

Cheshire w/
Mountain Scene

Dixon w/
Mountain Lion

Drudge w/ Train

Keeney w/
Faith Statement

Address Marker
Poudre Canyon

Gate Entrance
Fort Collins

Griffin w/
his hotrod

Welcome Stone
w/ horses

The Big Stuff
YES! We have portable equipment for engraving stone on-site.

INFO & PRICING: By "Big" I mean simply too big for me to pick up and handle, say 120 pounds or more.
This requires loading up my portable equipment and engraving the stone on location. I've been known to travel
as far as Nebraska, Breckenridge, Southwest WY, and Waldon, CO, so don't let distance be a deterrent.
Bids and price quotes are provided for each project, which will include artwork and travel charges.
There is a minimum $200 charge for any on-site engraving, say for an address number. I will provide bids
and design mock-ups via email.

Name Marker
East of Berthoud

Name & Address
West Denver

Ranch Sign
North Ft. Collins

Neighborhood Sign

Address Marker

Address Marker
Near Horsetooth Rock

Address Marker

Apartment Sign
Estes Park

Subdivision Sign
North Ft. Collins

Address Marker

Glacier Meadows

Respite Care
Ft. Collins

Reversed Address Marker

Subdivision Sign
North Ft. Collins

Business Sign
Walden, CO

Park Dedication
Installed Sidney, NE

Church Sign

Event Center
Estes Park

Home and Garden Accents
Add some fun and purpose to your home or landscaping with instructional signs, decoration, humor and bits of wisdom. Let these stones speak to what is important in your life by offering sentiments of love, friendship, affirmation, and even laughter. These are just a few of our designs and sayings. If you don't see what you need here, we can make it.

INFO & PRICING: Usually river rock, these are priced by the size of the stone. They start at $15 for
single-word "cameo" stones, then it generally goes $27 for small, $35 for medium, $45 for large,
and $55-$75 for XL. Add a few more dollars for custom graphics, names or dates.

River Rocks

Welcome Stones
with Names

Collage 1

Collage 2

Collage 3

Quotes in
river rock

Home Plaques
in slate tiless

Welcome Stone

Special Occasions and Custom Items

INFO & PRICING: As above, smaller stones are prices by size. Bigger, heavier
stones are engraved with portable equipment on location. See above for pricing.

Wedding Stone

Wedding Stone

Commemoration Gift

Forest Scenes in Tile

Anniversary Bench

Appreciation Gifts

Coaster Set w/
solid oak holder

Birth Stone in
Polished Tile

Class Gift
to school

Retirement Gift
with cut base

Informal Memorials
An affordable alternative to polished cemetary markers.

Flagstone Memorial

Memorial Garden at
Good Sam, Loveland

River Rock

Custom Angel in
Lime Stone

Pet Memorials

Pet Memorials

Memorial Poetry

For questions, requests, or concerns....
please email or call us in Windsor at 970-567-2500

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